Welcome to Antares!

On this site you can find Japanese lyrics that I’ve translated into English.  Most of the songs are of the Visual Kei variety, but I might throw in something a little different every now and then.

I first started writing this blog because I love music and wanted to improve my Japanese language skills by translating songs.  Also, I find translating fun and it makes me happy to be able to share the meaning of these songs with those who may not know Japanese.  My hope is for readers to appreciate not only the music but the words and their message too.

However, I’m not a native speaker and my Japanese isn’t perfect, so there may be times when there are misunderstandings, but I try my best! : )  If I notice any mistakes I always go back and fix my translations, so if you decide to check again later I may have written a better, more accurate version.  Please inform me if you find anything that’s incorrect.

Enjoy the translations!

(Also, a big thank you to yukki for looking over my early translations and giving me helpful corrections and advice. ^_^)
* Disclaimer: The background image is a photo of the star Antares. I don’t know who took it, but it isn’t mine.





しかし私の母語は日本語ではなく、まだ完璧じゃありませんので、歌詞を少し誤解する時もあるかもしれませんが、頑張ります!: ) それに誤解したと気付いたら、すぐに直しますので、もう一度チェックしたら、もっと正しくなってきたかもしれません。間違っている所を見つける場合、私にお知らせて下さい。



24 thoughts on “About”

  1. @ミホ:コメントありがとう!そして私の翻訳を読んで、ほめてくれて本当にありがとうございます。日本語の勉強は大変ですが、日本に興味を持って、真剣に勉強しているというのはすてきだと思います。私もまだまだですし、自分の英訳はそんなにすごいものと思もっていませんが、ミホみたいなファンにこの曲の魅力やすばらしさを少しでも伝えられるなら何より嬉しいです。



  2. Cool, we seem to have the same interests. I also like to translate Visual Kei music, and find it helpful in learning Japanese. I don’t post translations on a blog though, I subtitle PVs and put them on my youtube channel. I try to put out the best translations, but it’s hard translating songs compared to other stuff.

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