HEAVEN’S COLOR ~ D’espairsRay



痛み出す事を諦めた君  そっと抱き寄せた…

数えきれぬ涙の理由(ワケ)  きっと悲しみの傷跡

何度枯れてもまた歌うから  君は笑っていて
悲しい過去も消える明日を  その眼に見せよう


dedicated to being now
link a flashy emotion
being held by dazzling
take my prime step forward…

for all time…(永久に…) 確かなものが此処に在るから… 信じていて

答えはいつもいつも無限のパズル  手探りの未来
眼が眩む程光る明日を  その眼に見せよう

君が帰れる場所は  いつも傍に…
Leaving for heaven…
Piecing up “HEAVEN”
Leaving for heaven…
Piecing up “HEAVEN”


by D’espairsRay

The trembling of your hand that I grasped was so heartbreaking
I felt you breathing each time I touched you

You gave up the pain     and quietly came into my embrace…

Scars of sorrow are surely the reason for the countless tears
but at least you can change them into tears that’ll flow in the future

No matter how many times I’m exhausted I’ll sing again, so keep smiling
I’ll show you a tomorrow where the sad past disappears

I’ll lead you to a place intertwined with primary colors
I’m always holding out this hand to you…

dedicated to being now
(concentrate on what’s here now)
link a flashy emotion
(connect our flashing emotions)
being held by dazzling
(cherish them as you’re dazzled)
take my prime step forward…
(I’ll take the necessary step for me)

for all time…(eternally) there’s something certain here…so believe

The answer is a constant, infinite puzzle     a fumbling future
I’ll show you a tomorrow so bright it’ll dazzle you

I’ll continue protecting you who are connected by the primary colors
Leaving for heaven…
(rising to heaven)
Piercing up “HEAVEN”
(run through “heaven” above)
‘Cause your reason to live…
Leaving for heaven…
Piecing up “HEAVEN”
you can create it…


3 thoughts on “HEAVEN’S COLOR ~ D’espairsRay”

  1. I miss them so damn much. Seeing and reading your wonderful lyrics made me cry. Thank you for translating. I’m happy that Despas is still alive within the mania.

  2. You’re welcome! ^^
    I really miss D’espa too. They were a truly talented, amazing band. I’m just happy the members are still around in the scene or fulfilled in other work. Their music and memory will forever remain in our hearts as their legacy!

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