春煌花 -SAKURA- ~ born

「春煌花 -SAKURA-」


『明日へのパスポートはもう・・・いらないよ』君の最期の言葉 春淡花舞う頃

雪解けはしゃぐ雑踏の隅 涙こぼした Naked Heart Princess
銀河の海の様ね 人の群れが綺麗にに泳いでる 飛び込めない

戦うこと 苦しいこと それが生きること? ならもう・・・いっそいらない


I’ll love freedom and love oneself…

君だけに宿る種 世界に一つだけの花よ・・・咲き誇れ

踊る 踊る 煌々の色彩
溶ける 溶ける 灰になる色彩
気付いて 君は 煌々の色彩

甘く 弱い ミルクの様な
白い心 斑に揺れる




心に宿した腐条理への忌み 捨て去って笑い飛ばしてよ

I’ll love freedom and love oneself…

幸福と不幸 罪のない者への罰 いつか訪れるそんな不条理さえも 愛せちゃう



by born


“I don’t need a passport for tomorrow anymore” were your final words when the cherry blossoms were dancing

Naked Heart Princess spilled tears in a crowded corner splattered by snow melt,
like the sea of the Milky Way the masses beautifully go by, you’re unable to plunge in

To fight, to suffer, is that living?  If so, I have no need for it,
the bell of hope deserts me and rings out to the world

Lift your downturned face,
come on, jump on the train of the four seasons that’s starting to run

I’ll love freedom and love oneself…

Oh, seed that dwells only in you, that one of a kind flower…make it bloom!
Let’s spin a glittering melody riding on the winds brought by spring

Dance  dance  dazzling colors
Melt  melt  colors that turn to ash
Realize you are a dazzling color,
you are not alone!

Sweet and delicate like milk
your white heart trembles erratically

You resolve to become black paint, gathered ashes

The flowers withered and scattered

-Though you can only express it by singing-

Oh, one of a kind flower…bloom!
Discard and laugh off any aversion toward the unreasonable that dwelled in your heart

I’ll love freedom and love oneself…

You are so beautiful
Joy and misfortune, punishment for the innocent,
become a stronger you that will one day grow to love even such irrationality

Bloom, sakura!

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