I want your love ~ DEAD END

「I want your love」

I want your love

I want your love

I want your love

I want your love

I want your love
Day dreamの始まり
“毒を喰らわば皿まで” か?
もうすぐ 終るから
I want your love


‘I want your love’

MTV hysterically
spewing out noise
in the middle of the night
I want your love

Not bothering to wipe away
the overflowing tears
From you
I want your love

Unable to become Janne Da Arc
a domesticated fantasy
that won’t end
I want your love

When as much blood as will flow
has all run out
From you
I want your love

Born in a godless era
performing in dissonance
camouflaging a wounded heart
unaware of the corruption
I want your love
waking up in the languid morning
is the beginning of a Day dream
Only “if I eat the poison and clear my plate”?
then I’ll be done soon
I want your love

4 thoughts on “I want your love ~ DEAD END”

  1. Thank you so much Antares.
    My words are not enough though. It is more than a general
    generosity that you can manage to share these translations
    with us; for free. As far as I know, nobody else in the jrock
    fandom does translation request for free.

    This song is just wonderful, and for too long have I wondered what he was saying about ‘MTV’ in the first line. Morrie is just so great, can’t you just feel that early “visual kei/jrock” lyric subject matter that has influenced so many other artists..

    I hope I will continue to actively listen to his poetry and ことば ^__<
    How do you like his lyrics Antares? I think he is quite original for his time in the 80's.

  2. Thanks, and you’re welcome! Wow, is it really so rare for translators to just take requests? Do other people actually expect something in exchange? I wouldn’t think of doing translations any other way than how I do, but maybe that’s just cause I started it for myself and never really thought anyone would pay attention to my work. ^^;

    Morrie is definitely an amazing artist, I really like his voice and artistic sensibility. He’s very skillful with words and no doubt one of the best, most influential figures in the visual/rock scene. He’s also among the lyricists I feel very at ease translating. Some artists’ lyrics are hard for me to grasp and express eloquently without losing the original feel, but something about Morrie’s expression just clicks for me.

  3. Yeah… I mean, I bet it takes some time to do a translation. So some/most people charge or have their conditions lol. Well for the time being I will just enjoy your site like I have been doing since when I first found it when I was looking for 9Goats Black Out translations and I just really loved ‘HEAVEN'[Beautiful Song]. Who knows, sometime in the future the site might get so well known you’ll have to start charging because you’ll have so many requests and no time to tackle themU_U hehe.

  4. Thank you so muchos for translate some lyrics of Dead End, i Love Morrie. I hope see more translations of Morrie solo career, songs like Ato wa no to nare yamato nare or Goodnight Reverie are beautiful masterpiece

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