belzébuth ~ 9GOATS BLACK OUT


複眼で逃さない 羽音擦る不快な音
滴を垂らし傍に 毒を振りまいて

黒く赤く揺らぐ 捕食する害悪
一人ではない 群れをなすハイエナ

腕をつかんで 離さない 失速する行為
口に含んで 零さない 針を刺せば歪む

溢れ出す蜜には 吸い付くイメージ
喜んで剥ぎ取り 腐臭には群がり

純金は 愛で焦がせない 猛毒の王者
与えるだけを 信じない哀れさ

裏切り 欲の目 背後に蛹
嘘つき 毒の手 迷子の症状

歪んだ愛で 目覚めない ギラついた勝者
望みはなんだ 気付いているか

嘘つき 毒の手 その手に硬貨
欲張り悪人 蠅に見えるでしょう



Compound eyes don’t miss a thing, an unpleasant, grating buzzing,
Dripping droplets sprinkling poison at my side

Swaying black and red, evil preys upon me,
I am not alone, hyenas gather in a mob

Gripping my arm and not letting go, a stalling action,
Holding it in my mouth and not letting it spill,
contorting when pricked with a needle

An image stuck to the overflowing honey,
Gladly tearing it off, they swarm at the stench

Pure gold can’t be charred by love, monarchs of deadly poison,
The misery of just not believing in giving

Betrayal, greedy eyes, pupae on the hidden side,
Liar, malicious help, symptoms of a lost child

Unawakened glittering winners in twisted love,
What is their wish?  Have you noticed it?
There is no love there

Liar, malicious help, there’s coin in those hands,
Don’t avaricious evildoers seem just like flies?

* The title refers to Beelzebub (Belzébuth in French), one of the seven princes of Hell.  His name translates to “Lord of the Flies”.

3 thoughts on “belzébuth ~ 9GOATS BLACK OUT”

  1. I wanted to leave a comment for d’espairs ray – love is dead translation but somehow the site seems broke. I can’t click on it and there is this black bar in the middle which reaches into the pv. But doesn’t matter I can also thank you for the wonderful 9goats black out translation, right. XD

    I don’t know if stated this earlier but I don’t understand the lyrics from the lady from lj (and if I compare hers with yours, their seem to be mistakes) so you have to believe me when I say: Thank you, really thank you for letting me understand Hizumis thoughts of horniness XDDDD



    (hope you will do crossed arrows, too)

  2. You’re welcome! I will do “Crossed Arrows” and probably “Medicine” too. And sorry about the weirdness going on at the top of the page…it just started doing that suddenly for no reason. I think it’s a problem with wordpress since I didn’t change anything and it seems to look fine in some browsers but not others. I’m hoping it works itself out otherwise I’ll try to fix it later.

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