God Palace -Method of Inheritance- ~ Versailles

「God Palace -Method of Inheritance-」


God Palace, Apostle, We give, Bonds of death
Method of Revival, Glory to God!

嘆きと痛み 苦しみ 記憶の彼方

優しさは残酷な仕打ち 孤独こそ永遠の愛
愛して 愛されて
夢を見て 夢で会う
守っても 裏切られるのに

何故 人は皆 愛に傷つく為だけに生まれてくる
螺旋のような苦しみ 抜け出せない



Ah… 輝き出した瞳の奥へ
意識が遠のき… 裁きが始まる

光無き闇 永遠へ続く扉



愛しているから憎みもする 人はそんなもの

孤独は思想の戯れ 涙は記憶の覚醒
誰かの為に咲き誇れ 運命を心に抱いて

美しく生きてゆけ 激しく華やかに

蝶のように舞い踊れ 鐘の音響くまで
美しく美しく美しく 咲き誇れ

夜更けまでのメヌエット 幻惑に溺れて


これが現実だとして 誰が夢とすり替えた?
神よあなたの仕業か? 何を恐れて壊した?
人はいつか滅ぶだろう その時あなたに孤独を!

We live with the rose.
You (are) holding the fate.
Time is your grace.
I’m already god.

光無き闇 永遠へ続く扉


‘God Palace -Method of Inheritance-‘
by Versailles

First Movement: “The Birth of a God”

God Palace, Apostle, We give, Bonds of death
Method of Revival, Glory to God!

Sorrow and pain, anguish, that place in my memories,
The birth of a land called time,
granting the sky to the birds and love to mankind,
the bow of judgement upon us

Tenderness is but a cruel act, in loneliness lies eternal love,
I’ve lived believing it is so,
loving and being loved,
dreaming and meeting in dreams,
and yet even if I abide I will be betrayed

Why are all people born only to be wounded by love?
Being hurt and hurting, losing everything and in the end
unable to escape from the spiral of anguish

If I am able to be reborn, I’ll turn the scars
into thorns, beautiful petals, I shall become a rose

Second Movement: “An Age of Upheaval”

Ah…the world gradually colours
the depths of those eyes that began to sparkle,
Amidst disbelief of revival
consciousness grows distant, the judgement begins

Unilluminated darkness, the gate that leads to eternity

Third Movement: “Destiny”

I will live in solitude surrounded by roses,
holding the destiny borne of the light to my chest

Because we love we also hate, humans are such creatures,
For whose sake were these trailing tears shed?

Solitude is the frolic of ideas, tears are the awakening of memory,
Blossom for someone, embrace destiny in your heart

Live beautifully, fiercely, spectacularly!
A rose-colored life is a minuet of loneliness and love

Dance like a butterfly until the toll of the bell sounds,
Blossom beautifully, beautifully, beautifully!

Indulge in dazzling glamour, the minuet playing late into the night,
the end of eternity

Fourth Movement: “The End of Eternity”

If this is reality, who has secretly switched it with dreams?
Oh God, is this your work?  What have you destroyed in your fear?
One day humans will perish
and in that moment loneliness will be upon you!

We live with the rose.
You (are) holding the fate.
Time is your grace.
I’m already god.

Unilluminated darkness, the gate that leads to eternity


11 thoughts on “God Palace -Method of Inheritance- ~ Versailles”

  1. Nn,thanks ^^
    Now I can translate it into our language ^^
    This text is so fabulous,I ‘ve found there a sense of living…

  2. Thanks, and you’re welcome! ^_^

    Though it’s very long I especially enjoyed translating this song because the ornate imagery and storyline of Kamijo’s writing allows me to be extra creative and use a style of language more like that of formal literature, which I’ve had some experience translating. It’s a great piece from Versailles and one of my new favourites too. 🙂

  3. thank you very much… what a beautiful song, and now that I know what it’s about I like it even more…
    wish you all the best and continue with the translations 🙂

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING! I love Versailles! This song amazed me when I first heard it. It inspired me to get back into song writing. Arigatou Kamijo-sama! Daisuki! Anyways… Thanks again for translating it for us who are still learning Japanese and love this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. And SMEXY band. R.I.P. Jazmin

  5. Wow nice translation! I’m so touched with the lyrics! Thanks you so much for the translation!

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