そんな目で見つめないでよ 玩具でも道具でもないし
力ずくで壊しちゃう前に ゴメンナサイが先でしょう?ねえ?

そんなところから何が出来るの? 私のことなど知らない癖に
汚れきった真っ黒な手で 明るい未来  血肉に変えるの

さんざん聞かされたんだ 優しい顔して 心にもないことを
教育方針通り 権力という名の暴力を ナメてます


これ以上何を奪えば 大人で
これ以上何を押さえつければ いられるの?



Don’t stare at me with that look!  I’m not a toy or a tool,
A “SORRY” should come first before being broken down by force, right?

What can you do from over there?  Even though you know nothing about me,
With black, sullied hands will you turn the bright future into flesh and blood?*

I was harshly made to listen, told to show an amiable face, to be insincere
in accordance with an education objective, I mock the violence called authority

Even knowing that if one of the city lights goes out
no one will notice it anyway, I ran out

What more must be taken away,   For me to
What more must be suppressed,   be an adult?

* This is most likely meant in the sense of “fleshing out” something or bringing it to realization/existence.


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