Love me? ~ LM.C

「Love me?」

ダーリンダーリン ふたりで眺める夜空はいつもより素敵さ
「理由なんて単純だろ? キミがいてボクがいるからさ」なんてね
天気予報じゃ なにやら明日は雨だなんて言ってたな
ま、いっか そんな未来予想より 借りてきた映画の続きでも観ようよ

わがままな素振りも 照れた仕草も
寝起きの悪いところも 罪な八重歯も
全部このボクを輝かせるのさ だからこのまま隣で笑っていてね

どんな事でもかまわないさ キミとなら最高の物語

「ねえダーリン あたしの好きなところを
てゆーか10個なんかじゃ全然足りないから あはは
そういえば大人になったら何か変わるかな? なんて思ってた僕ら
今のところ変化は無い こんな調子でこのままいけたらいいね

おてんばな性格に すねた感じで 真夜中3時に電話はいいけど

ボクは 最初になりたくて キミは 最後になりたくて
いつか 心がすれ違ってしまう事もあるかもしれないね
だけど ありふれた恋だなんて簡単に片付けないでね
いつか ボク史上何個目かの想い出のひとつになる日が来ても


‘Love me?’
by LM.C

Darling, darling, the night sky we’re gazing at together is more lovely than usual,
“The reason is simple, isn’t it?  I’m here cause you’re here”
For some reason the weather report hasn’t been saying it’ll rain tomorrow,
Well, whatever, instead of such predictions of the future
let’s watch the continuation of the movie we rented

Those selfish behaviours and self-conscious actions
Being bad at waking up and that awful double tooth
All of it makes me shine, so stay smiling like this by my side, ok?

Don’t simply conclude that this is just an ordinary love,
Assuming with this you were one of the many great loves of history,
Let’s put colour in the graffiti of the distant past and decorate the walls,
I don’t care what it is, as long as I’m with you it’ll be the greatest story

“Hey, darling, try to come up with 10 things you like about me!”
I can’t come up with them right away,
that is to say, it’s ’cause 10 things is nowhere near enough! Ahaha
We thought, “Come to think of it, when you become an adult I wonder what changes?”
At this point there’s been no change, it’d be nice if we could stay the way we are, huh?

I’m fine with the calls at 3a.m. in the morning, sulking with a tomboyish personality
but even if I’m told “Just no cheating!” in a small voice,
in reality what I have with you is fooling around too…

In the beginning I wanted to be one, in the end you wanted to be one,
Someday our hearts may disagree
but don’t simply conclude that this is just an ordinary love,
Even if someday I become one of the many memories of history


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