afterglow ~ Sugar


溢れ出した酷く不透明で醜い己 解れ絡み
気高さ 潤い帯びた造花
理想と追い求め 煩悶 痛みが割かれるように
でも 行けない 届かない 眩さに触れられない 影も無い偶像

あぁ 狂おしいほど
あぁ 溺れ溺れて

「 違う、そうではない 」

激しく強く叫び続け 偽り切れずに 熱を求めて

揺らぎだした脆く不確定で愚かな己 悶え恨み
歯痒さ 焦燥感の増加
理想を追い求め 混乱 痛みに抗うように
でも 消えない 産まれない 輝きを見つめられない 影の中の実像

あぁ 口惜しいほど
あぁ 焦がれ焦がれて

「 違う、そうではない 」


by Sugar

My horribly opaque, ugly self that spilled out, unraveling,
nobility, bearing rich, artificial flowers,
pursuing with ideals, so the pain, the anguish can be severed,
But that won’t do, won’t reach, won’t be able to touch the radiance, the idol with no shadow

Ah, to the extent that I go mad
Ah, downing, drowning

Why do I try to throw everything away for the sake of twistedly sinking lower?
“No, that’s not it”

I violently, intensely go on screaming, seeking the zeal yet unable to complete the deception

My fragilely unsettled, foolish self that became unstable, agonizingly bitter,
impatience, an increase in exasperation,
pursuing ideals, to confront the pain, the chaos
But it won’t disappear, won’t be born, can’t stare at the brilliance, the true form in shadow

Ah, to the extent that it’s vexing
Ah, yearning, yearning

Why do I try to taint everything for the sake of rasping repentance?
“No, that’s not it”
Endlessly continuing to scream into the distance

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