Antares One Year Anniversary!

Today marks exactly one year since I created this blog and posted my very first translation!  It’s been an amazing year and I can’t even begin to express how happy it’s made me to see this blog grow and know people really enjoy what I do.  I never dreamed I’d get such a large, positive response so I’m really, truly grateful to you all!  Looking back it’s hard to believe that it’s gone from just 25 views in my first month to well over ten thousand this past month.  Even if you’ve never commented or requested a song, just knowing you visited and read something means a lot to me, so thank you!

Writing this blog has had such a positive impact on my Japanese and I feel like I’ve progressed to a whole different level than I was when I first started, which is great because it means I can do more, better quality translations for everyone.  I’d wanted to make a blog like this for a long time, so finally being able to take initiative and fill what I felt was a void in the community and help share the awesomeness of the many less well-known and underrepresented bands out there has made me very happy! (^_^)

Also, special thanks to yukki for providing the impetus to create this blog and giving such helpful guidance with my early translations, as well as adenade and soltama for choosing my work to make such beautiful subbed videos.  As always your efforts are greatly appreciated!




5 thoughts on “Antares One Year Anniversary!”

  1. 1周年記念、おめでとうございます!I feel very honored to be mentioned in this post. I’m still checking this blog, but I’m too busy to leave a comment… すみません。



    P.S. 6月のムックのライブはすごーーーーーくよかったです!

  2. Eh~, one year already? Congratulations~!! And keep going, your translations are always so coherent, which is something that lacks in some translators I’ve come across. Thank you very much for always translating everything so well. :3

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning me too. *laughs* I couldn’t have done any of those subbed PVs without you.

  3. @yukki: ありがとうございます!多分新しい学生はもう来ていますから多忙で、大変でしょうね。まだ私のブロクを見ているというのは嬉しくて、本当に色々感謝してます。これからもがんばります!


    @soltama: Thank you very much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you saying that, it motivates me to work harder to make my translations even better. ^_^

  4. wow!
    This is a great news!!
    I read your translations every day! and let me say that your work is amazing!! and you must be proud of yourself!!
    these are my words!

    pd: Sorry, my english is not perfect, i speak spanish. (I am from chile)

  5. Thank you for reading so diligently! It really touches my heart to know you enjoy my work so much. 🙂

    And don’t worry, your English is perfectly fine, certainly better than my Spanish. ^^; (By the way, kind of random, but my Spanish teacher was actually from Chile too!)

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