途切れた黒い夢に今日もまどわされる 傷だらけの声で笑った
うるさく走り過ぎる車の音数え 眠れなくなるのを願った

忘れた事 思い出さずにいたいのに
かすめるように 記憶を揺らすよ

ソファーに沈み込んで 映したビデオには
弱者の僕がいた 強がってた

真夜中 そう新しい夢見たいのに
冷たく ただ狙い撃つ雨 OH

TOKYO 狂った街 いつからだろう失くしたPASSION
TOKYO 狂った夜 眠らない無表情なBAD DAYS
TOKYO 狂った街 空白よりも消えてるMOTION
TOKYO 狂った夜 振り向いて時を止めても変わらないLOOSE DAYS

心ない詞ばかり流れては消えてく どこまで単純な人達
何もかも全てが僕は嫌になった だけどそのせいで気付いた

裏切るまで 苦悩していたらしいけど
解ってるさ 誰でも同じさ
だけど何か 失くした気持ちがあるから
すれ違うよ 足を早めて OH

TOKYO 狂った街 僕の胸から消えてるPASSION
TOKYO 狂った夜 飛び降りた華やかなBAD DAYS
TOKYO 狂った街 僕の前から消えてるMOTION
TOKYO 狂った夜 歯車に成り下がるより 堕落するより
脱走したい 隔離されたここから

TOKYO 狂った街
TOKYO 狂った街



Today too I’m being misguided in an interrupted black dream, I laughed with a scar-covered voice, counted the sound of the cars noisily passing by and hoped I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep,

Though I don’t want to be reminded of forgotten things,
like mumbling my memories are shaken!

Sinking into the sofa, what was projected in the video
was the weak me becoming stronger,

Though I want to see a new dream in the dead of the night,
the cold rain only takes aim and shoots at me OH

TOKYO a crazed city, since when have I lost my PASSION?
TOKYO a crazed night, expressionless BAD DAYS unable to sleep
TOKYO a crazed city, MOTION vanishing from even nothing
TOKYO a crazed night, LOOSE DAYS that won’t change even if I look back and stop time,
cause only the silence is irritatingly loud

Unfathomably simplistic people spouting nothing but heartless words then vanishing,
Just about everything became unpleasant to me, but because of that I realized

Though it seemed like I’d suffer until being betrayed,
I know that for everyone else it’s exactly the same,
but because I feel like I’ve lost something
I’ll just pass them by, hurrying my steps! OH

TOKYO a crazed city, PASSION fading from my heart
TOKYO a crazed night, I jumped off of those glorious BAD DAYS
TOKYO a crazed city, MOTION disappearing right in front of me
TOKYO a crazed night, rather than being reduced to a cog in the machine, rather than becoming corrupt,
I wanna escape from this isolated place!

TOKYO a crazed city
TOKYO a crazed night  BABY BABY
TOKYO a crazed city
TOKYO a crazed dream  BABY BABY


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