SCREEN ~ D’espairsRay


誰も居ない no discord in melody…
心塞ぎ no more pain left to feel…


腕の中で崩れ去った 無情に赤く焼き付く太陽はもう…見えない

嘆き果てる no tears for me to cry…
闇が照らし no more hope left to live…

鳴り止まぬ悪夢 何もかもを暗闇に変えていく

月よ抱いて照らしてくれ 夜空の星屑さえも映さない…この目が
行き場の無いこの想いが消えてしまいそうなほど 孤独だと伝えて…


祈り高く願う空へ 暗闇の先の声を…今はそう信じたい


by D’espairsRay

There’s no one here, no discord in melody…
I close up my heart, no more pain left to feel…

So cruel no one can heal it,
I’d already covered my eyes to even the light,

In my arms it crumbled away, I can no longer see…the sun that heartlessly scorches red

Grief comes to an end, no tears for me to cry…
Illuminating the dark, no more hope left to live…

The buzzing in my ears that makes me lose sleep pierces,
An incessantly ringing nightmare transforming anything and everything into darkness,

Oh moon, embrace and illuminate me! These eyes…in which even the stardust of the night sky is not reflected,
convey my loneliness so that these feelings with nowhere to go will vanish…

sleep…a dream I won’t wake from
One more time, the sky I began to forget…

To the sky where I send my prayers high, my voice beyond the darkness…I want to believe that now,*
so I live…embrace my scars…even if the light dwindles I want to walk toward the place from which you call out,
until the flame of my life goes out in the time I’ve been given

* Here there’s no verb to specify what is being done with the voice, though I’d assume it means something like once out of the darkness he wants his voice to go up and reach that sky.


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