BORDER ~ ギルガメッシュ


伸ばした掌の先に 希望を求めてる声が

言葉を与える刺激と 答えを受け取る鼓膜が
麻痺した感覚を刺して 新たな景色をかたどる

瞳の色見てきたモノ 1つ1つに違いがある
触れ合い互い知る事で 更に深い意味を得る


交わした言葉が今 歌に刻まれて
駆け抜けて目の前の 壁を打ち砕け

助けを求めるセリフと 未熟な自分のAbility
何かを変えられる望みが 明日の糧になる



どれだけ命削り 叫び続ければ
かけがえ無いものさえ 守れないのなら

Flashing your life
Flashing your life


by girugämesh

Before your outstretched palm a voice that longs for hope and
the wind of a foreign country tell you “Grasp freedom and the power to live!”

The motivation to present your words and eardrums that will receive the answer
pierce the paralyzed sensation and shape a new landscape,

In the colours of your eyes what I’ve seen is that there’s differences in each and every one,
By coming into contact and understanding one another we grasp even deeper meaning,

Beyond oceans, beyond countries,
looking up to countless cities,
What can we do?

The exchanged words are now inscribed in song,
Resound to all the living things in this world!
Smash the wall before your eyes, run through it!
Go beyond words and send music (a MELODY) on the wind!*

WORDS seeking help and your own immature Ability,
The desire to be able to change something becomes the nourishment of tomorrow,

Starvation, conflict, and discrimination
How can you love repeating it day after day?
This is the depicted reality!

Destroy the borderline!!

How long will we cut down life, continue screaming,
until we’re able to change something with a song?
If we can’t even protect what’s irreplaceable
there’s no way our hopes will be realized!

Flashing your life
At the very least what’s something you think
Flashing your life
I can do for you right now?

* Here Satoshi sings “melody” instead of “music” as is written in the lyrics.

2 thoughts on “BORDER ~ ギルガメッシュ”

  1. It took me a bit to get used to this song, but now I quite enjoy it. I like Suiren more, though. ^^

    Thanks for translating! 😀

  2. Same here, I think I prefer “Suiren” a bit more too. But “BORDER” is fun and does have a great positive message, not to mention it fits the summer season really well. Apparently Satoshi wrote the lyrics during their recent European tour.

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