white harmony ~ born

「white harmony」

熟した果実貪って喘いでいる君は欲張って give me heart

盲目な僕を貪って喘いでいる君は遠目で give me love

晴れのち雨が窓打って 不快指数上昇 苛立って
ねぇkiss me

white harmony
white harmony
white harmony

愛想笑い 苦いだけ 爪を立て愛撫した

真冬の夕刻の雑踏 迷子の君に心惹かれ

white harmony
white harmony
white harmony


white harmony…
winter separation…

積もる距離 悴んだ愛傷


‘white harmony’
by born

Panting and coveting the ripe fruit, you crave too much, give me heart
Grey warmth smoulders

Panting and coveting the blind me, you’re farsighted, give me love
The distance between our linked hands increases

Once sunny and clear, now rain strikes the window, my rising discomfort index irritates me,
Hey, kiss me
Let’s melt and sleep in futility

white harmony
You accumulate feelings
white harmony
for someone that’s not me
white harmony
What do you want?

This flattering smile is only bitter, nails scratching, I caressed you

In a crowd on a midwinter evening I charmed the heart of you, a lost child,
quietly approaching, scattering bait,
not only seeking to lewdly indulge in you, but wanting to warm each other’s frozen hearts,
Yet even though I offered myself up

white harmony
You nurture and give love
white harmony
to someone that’s not me
white harmony
Because I realize it now

I’m discarding the sin that laughs on the other side of gentleness,

white harmony…
winter separation…

Affection buried under powdery snow,
growing distance and numbed tenderness*

* Here the word “affection/tenderness” that is normally spelt「愛情」is instead written 「愛傷」with the character for “hurt” or “scar/wound”, which can be pronounced the same way.


3 thoughts on “white harmony ~ born”

  1. I’m generally not in the habit of romanizing songs, but since this band isn’t very well-known yet and you probably won’t be able to find the romanji elsewhere, here you go:

    jyuku shita kajitsu musabotte aeideiru kimi ha yokubatte give me heart
    haiiro no nukumori ga kemuru

    moumoku na boku wo musabotte aeideiru kimi ha toome de give me love
    tsunagu te to te no kyouri ha tsumotte

    hare nochi ame ga mado utte fukaishisu jyoushou iradatte
    ne kiss me
    munashisa ni toke nemurou

    white harmony
    boku jyanai dareka he
    white harmony
    omoi tsumi kasaneru kimi yo
    white harmony
    nani wo motometeru no

    aiso warai nigai dake tsume wo tate aibu shita

    mafuyu no yuukoku no zattou maigo no kimi ni kokoro hikare
    sotto chikatsuite esa wo maite
    midara ni oboretai dake jyanaku kogoeta kokoro atatameaitakute
    boku wo sasageta no ni

    white harmony
    boku jyanai dareka he
    white harmony
    ai wo sodatte ageru kimi yo
    white harmony
    mou kitsuiteru kara

    yasashisa no uragawa de warau tsumi wo sutete yo

    white harmony…
    winter separation…

    koyuki ni uzumoreta aijyou
    tsumoru kyouri kajikanda aijyou

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