声の無い ガレキが積み重なる塔の下

ねえ君よ 何故君は欲したの?
愛という 甘美な響きの林檎を

離れて、解けてゆく ずっとそこにあるのに

瞼の中 映し出した日々
記憶の色 優しいけど 触れられない

明けゆく空 巡る世界まで
夢という劇場で 安らぎと共に

幾度目の朝が来る ギターに寄り添い
つま弾くメロディー 来る筈のない君へ 思い馳せてた
どうか 止まらない時計を 刻ませて

銀河の雨 光年の記憶
いつからだろう? 忘れぬまま 時は過ぎて
色褪せない 美しき再生(きおく)
降りしきる雪を越え 君の元へ行こう


by alice nine.

The traveler struggled to reach what lies ahead,
the voiceless base of a tower heaped with RUBBLE,

Oh, why did you crave it?
The apple of honeyed resonance called love

Even if I extend the palm of my hand
it grows more distant, melts away, though it was there all along,

Day after day reflected in my eyes,
The colour of my memories is gentle but they cannot be touched,

As far as the steadily dawning sky, the turning world,
in the theater known as dreams, along with serenity,

The next countless morning comes and I nestle close to my guitar,
strum a melody to you who surely won’t come, thinking of you,
Please, let the unstoppable clock tick away

Rain of the galaxy, memories of the light-years,
Since when, I wonder, has time been passing me by, unable to forget?
Unfading, beautiful memories*
Through the heavily falling snow, I’ll go to where you are

* Although Shou sings 「記憶」meaning “memories”, in the printed lyrics the word 「再生」”playback” is written.


One thought on “SLEEPWALKER ~ アリス九號.”

  1. Oh my, the lyrics are beautiful! I love this PV too, I’ve been watching it a lot since it came out, it became instantly one of my favorites. I really love the scenery and the way they shot it. :3
    But enough babbling! Thank you so much for translating, I’ll sub this one too of course~. Now I just have to wait for the romaji to pop up. xD

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