Dolche ~ 摩天楼オペラ


羽音を忍ばせ近付く 引き寄せられる甘い肌に
舌を這わせ お前が望む場所をなぞる

切り取って裂いて 眺めていたいほど綺麗なその体
さあ なれた手つきで楽しませてくれ

※果てるまで踊れ せがむ声を出せ
裏切ってもっと 掴んで俺を握りしめ
加速させる 体を揺らせ※

もっと もっと 受け止めてくれよ 最後まで・・・


愛しさを感じて  虚しさを覚える


by Matenrou Opera

Concealing the sound of flapping wings,
approaching the sweet skin that’s being drawn closer,
tongue trailing over it, tracing the places you desire,

Ripping off, tearing apart, that body so beautiful I want to stare at it all,
Come now, with the familiar way of my hands let me take pleasure in it,

※Dance until the end, let out a coaxing voice,
betray and grasp more, hold me tightly,
rock your body as you speed up※

I can see it, your indecent true nature,
I’m gonna do as I like even more,
Exposing a whorish face you cry and cry and scream,
Match this rhythm and shake,
tensing to the tips of your toes,
respond to me more and more, until the end…


Feel the affection       Remember the futility


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