Den lille Havfrue ~ 9GOATS BLACK OUT

「Den lille Havfrue」*

愛情だって救えた 蜩の声高いのにもう寒くて重い
泣いているような声と 無感情に続く言葉の後

あまりに弱々しい笑い顔 怖い程綺麗
何故笑った? 月を照らすために沈む太陽


涙声そっと途切れた 広過ぎる横は居心地が悪くて
ショウケース並べた溜息が 薄く降り積もり

漂う 萎れた波間に浮かび 嘆き声咲いた
入れ替わって 忘れられる方がどれ程いいか

漕ぎ出せる櫂さえ失って ここから動けないよ

星の夜に消えた人 星の海に浮かぶ人
遠い空に色をつけ その手を引くように
暗い方に呼ぶ声が あなたを探すその声で
また開いた 思い出させる夜のドア

‘Den lille Havfrue’*

The sound of the evening cicadas that was able to save even love,
though shrill and loud, is already cold and dull,
Cast down your eyes at the sound that emanates from lips that parted unawares,
after a voice that seems to be crying and words that continued emotionlessly

Your too fragile, smiling face was frighteningly beautiful,
Why did you smile?  The sun sinks so that the moon may shine

You were always there, smiling in that way,
I smash myself into the everyday that seems about to vanish,*
Even if I paint a picture on a starry night, I’ve lost you who should be my illumination,
No matter what I do, there’s only the dark night sky

The tearful voice paused softly, the space at my side that’s too vast is uncomfortable,
Interjecting words unexpectedly is nothing but a memory,
the sighs lined up in a showcase fall and pile up thickly,
covering my eyes like a cocoon

Drifting about, floating on crestfallen waves, the grieving voice scoffed,
Take my place, how much better it would be if I were the one who was forgotten?**

You were always there, smiling in that way,
I remember that day that seemed about to break,
Even if I hold out my hand to the starry beach,
I lost even my oars to start rowing, I can’t move from this place!

The person who disappeared into the starry sky, the person who floats on the starry sea,
Put colour into the distant sky, as if to pull in that hand,
The voice that floats in a dark place, with that voice that searches for you,***
once again opened the door of night that makes me remember.

*  The verb「砕く」can also mean “to break, shatter, crush”, or “to wear out, weaken”.
** In other words, it would be so much better if the forgotten one were in the singer’s place, and vice versa, rather than the situation they are currently in.
*** The wording here implies the voice is in another, darker direction in relation to where the singer is.
* 「Den lille Havfrue」はデンマーク語で「人魚姫」という童話のタイトルです。この話のあらすじは下にあります。
“Den lille Havfrue” is Danish for ‘The Little Mermaid’, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the plot of which you can read about here:



蜩=ひぐらし evening cicada
居心地=いごこち comfort
溜息=ためいき sigh, deep breath
漂う=ただよう to waft, wander, drift, be tossed about
漕ぐ=こぐ to row, work/pull oars

One thought on “Den lille Havfrue ~ 9GOATS BLACK OUT”

  1. この歌は人魚姫に恋をした人の歌なんですね。確か人魚姫は泡になって消えたと思うんですが、そうやって消えてしまう愛する人を懐かしんでいるんでしょうか。






    「忘れられる」は「the one who is forgotten」のような気がしますが、ちょっと自信がありません。「if I could forget」だったら、「忘れられたらどれだけいいか」というふうに、「たら」を使うような気がします。

    「ように」は「so as to」ではなく、「まるで〜ように」の「as if」ではないでしょうか。

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