Marry of the Blood ~ D’espairsRay

「Marry of the Blood」

I am beautiful creature
官能と快楽で染まったこの血とbloody eyes
[un]beautiful creature
滴る感情が溢れ…be almost drowned
背徳であるが故に望む 純潔の血を


Neo rebirth…再会の時を待ちわびて
This time government…愛しき者の血を探す

[un]beautiful creature

垂れ流しの欲情 本能が君を求める

Neo rebirth…最愛の君をこの毒牙で
This time government…道連れに禁断の領域へ

Neo rebirth…最逢いの君をこの毒牙で
This time government…未知ヅレに快楽に溺れ
Brand new gate…Give you Valentine’s name and Queen…
Bloodymarry done…この瞬間に祝杯の儀を…


‘Marry of the Blood’
by D’espairsRay

I am beautiful creature,
an elegant silhouette illuminated by the moonlight,
Bloody eyes and this blood tainted with sensuality and pleasure,
[un]beautiful creature
Trickling emotions overflow…be almost drowned,
I am immoral, therefore I desire pure blood,

Stricken with the loneliness that comes of eternal life,
I will continue to live on…

Neo rebirth…waiting anxiously for the time when we will reunite,
This time government….searching for the blood of my beloved,

[un]beautiful creature
“A noble heart and the dance of the spirit”
The fascinating baptism in which rich bloods are mixed together,

Shadows that make the pulse race are concealed by the darkness,
Uncontrollable passion, my instincts long for you,

Neo rebirth…with these fangs, I’ll coercively take part in
This time government…forbidden regions of you, my dearest,

Neo rebirth…with these fangs, I’ll indulge in
This time government…the ecstasy of the unknown together with you, my fated person,
Brand new gate…Give you Valentine’s name and Queen…
Bloodymarry done…in this moment, a ceremonial toast…

道連れ=みちづれ unwillingly/being made to take part in
垂れ流し=たれながし incontinence
優美=ゆうび sophisticated, elegant, refined

One thought on “Marry of the Blood ~ D’espairsRay”

  1. 主人公は吸血鬼(きゅうけつき、vampire)なんですよね?吸血鬼はビジュアル系にぴったりのイメージだと思うのは私だけでしょうか。


    「濃厚な〜あう」が「baptism」を説明しています。「the fascinating baptism where rich bloods are mixed up」

    この主語は「私」では?「(I) excite my heartbeat and conceal the shadow in the darkness / the pulse that I let flow (discharge)」

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